There's a reason I don't often cover "controversial" videogame topics. There are plenty of other venues for that, and they love to introduce the molehill as Everest. Me, I feel more comfortable stating that the developers of, say, Custer's Revenge or JFK: Reloaded were not, in fact, trying to stimulate soical discourse, but rather pay off their mortgages.

Anyway, Super Columbine Massacre RPG! lets PC gamers reenact the Columbine massacre in which dumb schoolkids got dressed up in their Gap for Goth Kids' trenchcoats and shot other dumb kids. Badly. And for as much as its creator wanted to stay anonymous, he's been out in the public eye for some time now. His latest explanation of why he made this controversial game can be found here.

"I think some of the controversy surrounding the gaming industry is a result of the largely inaccurate assumption that only children play videogames and thus the realm of gaming must remain on a PG-rated level," the game's creator says. "The market has consistently shown that violent or provocative games (from Doom to Grand Theft Auto) sell. And of course the market dictates much of the decision-making that surrounds the industry."


And, in other news, water is wet.

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