Ring around Neill Blomkamp

Aintitcoolnews.com just posted an interview with Halo's new (and certainly its who?) director Neill Blomkamp.

A few excerpts:

Aintitcoolnews: Guy in a suit? CGI creation? Mixture of both?

Neill Blomkamp: Well, the film has to have a feeling of reality, and so that means that I want to keep him real as much as I can, there is a necessity for him to become cg in sequences where a guy in a suit would just not work, but for the most part I am aiming for real.

Aintitcoolnews: Will we see Master Chief's face?

Neill Blomkamp: You?ll have to wait and see.


You can view some of Blomkamp's other works here, here, and here. This is a link to a cute video about bunny rabbits and their toilet habits.