PS3: Calm before the storm…

Ps3_system_1I watched the line dissolve at the Sony Metreon. It was October 26, 2000, the day of the PlayStation 2 launch. We'd waited for hours upon hours to get a PlayStation 2, and at the end, the line simply...crumbled. People rushed in from nowhere. Those who were almost the first on line found they'd been displaced.

I'm not sure how I made it out alive and with a PlayStation 2. And the doctors tell me that if I work really, really hard, I'll probably be able to repress the memory entirely.

The launch of the PlayStation 3 should be interesting. Will people line up to buy a console that costs $599? Will there be the orgy of greed and mean-spiritedness that marked the launches of the Xbox 360 and Nintedo DS?

It really is the calm before the storm. Everyone's waiting for news about the PlayStation 3's launch and how it will be handled. And for my part, I'm not banking on a reviewer's copy of the PlayStation 3, but rather scoping out the online retailers for the promise of pre-order sale.

You can try these sites to nab a PlayStation 3:, Best Buy, and