B.C.: The Game That Never Was

I saw B.C. in motion. I swear I did.

Writing about Microsoft's new "goosebump worthy" game got me thinking about Microsoft's old, goosebump worthy game. It was called B.C. It never made it out the door.

B.C. was a prehistoric simulation. You would have controlled a tribe, with the ultimate goal being to lead it to a promised land.

R.I.P., B.C.


You can read the sad, sweet tale of B.C.'s rise and fall here.

(Oh, and saying it would have been a Microsoft game is a stretch, but not much of one. The game was developed by Intrepid Studios -- a subsidiary of Lionhead Stuidos. Lionhead was an independent developer at the time, but was recently purchased by Microsoft. Regardless, Microsoft planned to publish B.C. when it was in development. Enough said.)