Eight ain’t enough

Good old Peter Moore, Microsoft's corporate vice president for interactive entertainment business, entertainment and devices division, recently gave a speech on how videogames can be made more palatable to the masses.

Moore's "elite 8" is outlined here. It's a good list, but certainly doesn't go far enough in confronting elitism and opening doors for the videogame industry, as was Moore's intended goal.


To truly make games less elitist and more everyman, console makers, developers, and publishers should consider the following...

Pirates; games where you punch former German dictator Adolf Hitler in stomach; Hitlerbots; new next-generation consoles that refuse to play sucky games; a $10 rebate check if you happen to mistakenly purchase the "retard pack;" and in-game rewards including, but not limited to: new hats, pimp outfits, and the right to play a minigame where you bowl for furniture.