California, to the extreme!

The California Extreme Classic Arcade Games Show promises two days of nostalgia, sweaty nerds, stomach bulges, and a chance to wait on line to play Paperboy.

Beautiful San Jose will play host to the show, and for a mere $30 ($25 on Sunday, July 9), players can gain entrance to this electronic Mecca and enjoy more than 100 classic arcade and pinball games, all of them set on free play. And, if the show's game list is to be believed, there'll even be a bunch of rare prototype machines that simply never made it to general release.


Come on, feel the noize here.

And man, I am so there, if only to play Food Fight, Burger Time, Mappy, Beavis & Butt-Head, Berzerk, Popeye, Space Ace, Discs of Tron, and Simpsons: Pinball Party.