Ode to Rocketman

Sometimes, you just hit paydirt. I had hoped against hope to find some way, discover some connection (no matter how tenuous), to allow me to pass off this clip on this here blog.

Well, suck it down, suckers. William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, has agreed to host a Canadian videogame award show.

The press release from the Canadian Awards for the Electronic & Animated Arts, which you should probably read here, reads thusly: ?We wanted Mr. Shatner as our Host from the beginning and I cannot tell you how excited we are to learn today that he has accepted the role,? says Holly Carinci, CAEAA Producer. ?We have all worked really hard to create a world-class awards show that reflects these remarkable industries and now we have a phenomenal host in Mr. Shatner that will guarantee a fun, exciting, and memorable evening for everyone.?