gets a C- columnist Chris Morris grades the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Xbox in terms of their performance.

Morris correctly lists the order of finish for the consoles when he writes that Sony wins without breaking a sweat, Xbox streaks in to second, and the GameCube finishes last. But this is like saying when you wear a meat suit into the tiger cage, you can expect a marked increase in pain and, also, death.

Sony gets an A for PlayStation 2, which rightly can't be argued against. But Microsoft's B- for Xbox seems too dismissive, and the GameCube's D is entirely too harsh. If his argument was fleshed out in any way, the grades might be defensible. Instead, he knocks GameCube for being purple and having a carrying handle, and mentions that Microsoft lost more than $150 per Xbox sold as if either of these is somehow a determining factor in a console's performance.

(Oh, and console manufacturers traditionally lose money on hardware. They rely on software sales to recoup their losses. Also, when critics issue consoles a grade of D saying, "You were late with software homework assignments and many projects lacked heart," they often mention specific titles so as not to seem as if they're just making blanket statements.)

Enjoy your C-, Morris.