The stereotypical imagery of the creepy, trenchcoat-wearing man entering the porno house to buy Ass Ventura: Smut Detective and a copy of Massive Hooters is quickly fading into the dim mists of nostalgia, to be replaced with something more immediate, more relevant to this day and age: The image of a creepy, trenchcoat-wearing man sitting in front of the PC, playing Naughty America.

Naughty America is a massively multiplayer online game set to release this summer. You, as a trenchcoat-wearing man sitting at a computer, get to create an online avatar as a saucy young schoolgirl who likes spankings and then go out into a virtual world, interacting with other trenchcoat-wearing men who have also opted to play as schoolgirls. America supports the use of Web cameras, so you can see, in fact, the hott (Two T's!) girl you are chatting up in the game world is, in fact, a 50-year old man. And then you two can have some nice virtual sex together, amping up both the encounter's randiness with an in-game slider bar.


Anyway, this game is clearly not for minors. And although the game's Internet site is protected by a state-of-the-art security system where users must click a box indicating they are, in fact, over 18 to view its contents, it's the sort of thing where you should really take our word for it.

Gamedaily's interview with the game's producer is rated R. So beware.