Three Things to Remember!


There are three important things to know about this post:

1) Who wrote it (me)

2) What's it about (game developers and their love of lists)

3) When it will end (many paragraphs after its novelty has worn off)

At E3, game developers are forced to show their titles over and over. So it's not surprising that they oftentimes resort to breaking down a game's important features into a numerical list. It helps both with the organization and the presentations.

Sometimes, however, the developers go overboard. As in, way

overboard. When this happens, a person watching and listening to a game

demonstration can't help but feel like a small and, in all honesty,

retarded child.

This is what I learned today.

Assassinations are handled in three steps:

1) Planning and acquisition

2) The actual killing

3) The escape

You can't have an assassination without these three steps, I was told. I would have written that down, but I wasn't altogether sure how the pen cap worked.