Use Lotion, Young Man

Xgoj7649"I've been using antibacterial lotion a lot," one public relations person told me. "Especially when I'm shaking hands with European journalists."

This gets my vote for quote of show. And this PR person, who shall remain forever beloved and wholly anonymous, is 100 percent correct. E3 is about handshaking and controller-touching. I am not paranoid by any means, nor a hypochondriac, but the show is a walking deathtrap.

I have probably taken into my body at least 37 different microorganisms designed solely to kill me. And I expect that it's really not in my best interest to, say, breathe in the overpacked hallways filled with people sniffling, sneezing, and not being too concerned with anything save for whether or not they should grab an extra 30 copies of Game Informer or EGM -- just in case.

If I pass at E3, please bury me with my tchotchkes.