Paris hath failed me

The big draw in West Hall this afternoon was not the Nintendo Wii, nor the many fine PlayStation 3 games. It wasn't even the Tecmo girls who threw beachballs to the crowd hawking the next Dead or Alive title. Rather, it was the promoter of a Tetris-clone cell phone game being published by Gameloft: one Paris Hilton.

Sqparisbig04cptgiParis has added the pizzazz to this title, Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam, and made a special appearance at E3 today to hawk it. She was supposed to show up at 2 p.m. but by 2:30, she still hadn't appeared, and the crowd was so thick that security had been called to block people from entering the hall through the doors in front of the booth, and to keep the celeb stalkers from blocking the aisle. (I heard she finally did show up, but I had to go!)