I’m Batman, dammit!


I got to shake Adam West's leathery claw.

For those who don't know who Adam West is, you can go, with all due fairness, perform an unspeakable act on yourself. He was at E3 promoting his role in the Family Guy video game, and I got to interview him for a whole 10 minutes.

The highlight of the interview was when West started speaking as if he was actually his character from the cartoon show. I'd asked him if he, Adam West the actor, had made any mayorial proclamations recently.

His response? "A very heavy object dropped off the shelf on my foot, and I proclaimed oh, gagh?what? Oh, that kind of thing. I ran on a platform of graft and corruption. I don?t know how I was elected, but it doesn?t say things about the citizenry of Quahog that is very flattering. I am on the take a bit from the oil companies, but they?re giving me free oil for my hair."