The Dark Side of E3

This post will not be funny. It is, however, true.

I am in an office at E3, and I see a young woman almost in tears. She's very pretty and has been hired by the powers that be to hand out magazines. They dressed her in pink and she's wearing a sort of short dress.

The details are unclear, but someone snuck up on her and took pictures of her panties. She called for security, but no one came. To think that someone pulled something like that... God! I'd really like to use a curse here. It's pretty darn disgusting.

In a past year, some guy pretended to be handicapped, rode around in a wheelchair, and took photos of himself with the women who are hired as eye candy for E3. Of course, the pictures are all of this creepy man fondling the women.

Fun and games has gone out the window, at least for the moment.