Okami (the wonderful drawing doggie)


Capcom brings a calligraphist canine to PS2 later this year with Okami. You play as a spirit wolf who rights wrongs in a stylishly rendered fantasy world. It's pretty standard adventure fare -- explore an area, talk to any friendly characters and destroy everyone else.

Okami02The most interesting feature of the game is your doggie's "Celestial

Brush," which you use to solve puzzles and deal extra damage to stunned

enemies. It's like this: When you want to doodle on the game world, you

press a button and voila! -- the game goes monochrome in a

parchment-tinted way and the action is paused while you decide where to

put the ink. Then the game resumes and you enjoy the results of your

artistry, if any. For example, in the E3 demo there is a badly damaged

stone shrine, a figure holding a broken sword. After much heavy

hinting, the player uses the Celestial Brush to draw in the broken part

of the sword, repairing the shrine and releasing a new spirit ally. Art

is fun!