Bad mood / Good mood

I was FUMING yesterday when the show floor didn't open up at 9 a.m. like it was supposed to. I have a media "early access" pass, for God's sake--this was my one chance to see the goodies on display without the throngs of hangers-on getting in the way!

Chalk_artOne guard told my pal and I that we couldn't get in until 11 a.m.! But I have "EARLY ACCESS" I pleaded! Alas, only those with "Exhibitor" badges were being let in, and the people piled up outside the doors to South Hall, irritatingly snapping at me as I continually kept heading to the front of the line to see what was going on. The crowd grew so big that one clueless show-goer walked right over the roped-off elaborate chalk drawing being drawn on the floor outside South Hall to promote Gears of War. The artist, Kurt Wenner, good-humoredly laughed it off. Impressive!

Finally, the doors opened at 9:30, putting everyone behind schedule forevermore.