I'd like to address something really, really important. Here at E3, the show administrators and marketing flackies are on a campaign to torture us. Not by withholding sweet, sweet next-gen games and crucial information, but by refusing to offer sustenance to us hard-working industry folks.

FBoc_04_pizza_pixirst, Nintendo holds a press conference with an 8:30 a.m. check-in time, and it offers NO FOOD for attendees who couldn't possibly have eaten beforehand. This was followed by the Microsoft press conference, where again, there was NO FOOD.

Down at the convention center, the only food to be had was tasteless sugary muffins at the Starbucks kiosk (where they did not even have lattes, but only plain coffee), or the grease-injected, heart-attack-inducing fare at the cafeteria. Shudder. At least here there is somewhat of a choice: die by the gluttony of ingesting a week's worth of calories in one sitting, or starve.