Down at the Mall

Game developers love solid-gold houses with supersonic rocketcars. But let's face it, money doesn't grow on trees. It does, however, fall from the heavens with this simple formula:

Zombies = $$$!

This year, look for Dead Rising to claim the throne for zombie epic of this year and, since you'll probably forget what you've read here in five minutes, hundreds of years to come. (Sadly, Resident Evil 5 likely won't be shown at E3 ... or will it?)

Dead Rising is set in a mall. And it has zombies. Plus, you do neat stuff like rip off a zombie's hand, jam the thing in its mouth, and then take a picture of it.

Also, here are some delicious puns you can make after feeding a zombie its own hand:

"What a HANDsome fellow!"

"You are quite the HANDYman!"

"Haha! You just bit the hand that feeds you! Now choke on your own hand or the irony of my statement!"

"Let me give you a HAND!"