Exclusive '2 Guns' Deleted Scene Has Denzel Washington Calling Mark Wahlberg A Clown

"2 Guns," the thriller that brought together two modern kings of the genre, Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, is now on Blu-ray and DVD.

To celebrate the release, MTV Movies Blog has an exclusive look at a deleted scene from the film. You can watch the clip above, and see what director Baltasar Kormákur had to say about the sequence and why it didn't make the final cut.

Check it out after the jump!

How has it been looking back at "2 Guns"?

It's been a great journey. You finish a movie, and then half a year later, it comes out. Another half a year, the Blu-ray comes out. It's a little bit in the distance, but it was an exciting time. I'm happy with the results.

Could you tell me a little about the deleted scene?

I think it was added in. It wasn't initially in the script. I'm trying to remember if it was or wasn't. It was kind of a fun play between the two of them. When we were deciding what the movie was going to be, we felt like it was slowing down in the moment, when we were heading into the bank. We were putting a joke in front of it instead of just going in faster. I think that was the reason why it didn't end up in the film.

I'd have to imagine that chemistry between Mark and Denzel was a top priority.

Yes, absolutely. Playing off the two of them and having fun with them was definitely what I went for. It was the most important part for me, that the chemistry would be right between them. If you take 'Lethal Weapon,' you remember the characters and the chemistry more than the plot.

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