Today's Horror Icons: Gareth Evans Of 'The Raid' And 'V/H/S/2'


Gareth Evans is known for his inventive Indonesian martial arts actioner "The Raid," but the filmmaker has contributed to fright cinema. Trading "The Raid's" bleak tenement slum for a terrifying compound where a strange cult traps a news crew, his segment in horror anthology "V/H/S/2," "Safe Haven," blew fans away.

The horror short contains the same breakneck action and all-hell-breaks-loose insanity audiences have come to crave from Evans, who consistently manages to shock, thrill, and disturb viewers with the unexpected (and so far, a meager budget). Since the trailer for "The Raid 2: Berandal" was just released, we thought we'd revisit Evans' horror short with this trailer and newly released director's commentary — because why scare the hell out of yourself without a little company? Here's hoping the director will continue adding his signature touch to horror cinema.