Today's Horror Icons: Greg McLean Of 'Wolf Creek'

From the "Splat Pack" school of horror comes Greg McLean and this trailer for part two of his terror-in-the-Australian-outback favorite, "Wolf Creek."

The sequel picks up with a different set of tourists who are hunted by serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarrat). The sadistic outdoorsman doesn't take kindly to foreigners and treats them like the pigs he shoots.

McLean's story is based on a real-life murderer, Ivan Milat, and quickly gathered a cult following. It also introduced one of the scariest villains horror fans had seen in a long time (a real threat, not a supernatural bogeyman), who put his co-stars through their paces in the brutally violent tale.

Fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for the sequel, which will hit theaters on February 20, 2014. The Australian director has only made a handful of films, but his willingness to break taboos and push boundaries, while maintaining a sensitivity to his characters, atmosphere, and storytelling, makes him one of the most underrated, but compelling figures working in horror cinema today.