Found Footage Goes Ultra-Authentic With 'WNUF Halloween Special'

These days, it wouldn't be hard to trip and land on a found-footage horror film. The format has really taken off in the past decade with first-time filmmakers like Oren Peli picking up a movie camera and making homemade paranormal magic happen.

The anthology series "V/H/S" recently employed the popular style with a videotape-centric frame tale, and now a new project has surfaced that also references the nostalgic era of mom and pop video stores and schlocky VHS cover art — except this film combines it with the weirdness of public-access television, Satanic panic media coverage, and all things 1980s.

Fictional found-footage film "WNUF Halloween Special" is billed as a lost local TV program recorded in October of 1987. Boob tube host Frank Stewart takes a team of supernatural investigators into the haunted Webber House — a trope we've seen in horror cinema numerous times.

Director Chris LaMartina went to great lengths to make the footage look authentic, by aging the videotape, recreating commercials from the time period, and releasing a limited-edition cut on VHS. Travel back in time to the late '80s for a creepy, cheesy, found-footage horror trip in this trailer.

You can purchase a VHS copy and DVD here.

[H/T]: Noah Lee