'Star Wars: Episode VII' Working Titles Give Us Déjà Vu

The current talk on the internet is that we are weeks, if not days, away from an official "Star Wars" announcement of some kind. It's all very vague, without any named sources, just whispers been bloggers and editors on news sites.

In the meantime, Latino-Review has posted another potential piece of info that could have a big effect on "Episode VII."

According to the site, when George Lucas sold off Lucasfilm to Disney, he included outlines for the new trilogy, which included two working titles for "Episode VII."

Those working titles are reportedly "Rise of the Jedi" and "Return of the Sith."

Don't worry. We are underwhelmed too.

The first thing that we notice is that this story is believable based solely on the mediocrity of those titles. They read very much like Lucas-penned titles, but not necessarily ones Disney will use. Latino-Review makes it clear that these were working titles that were sold with no obligation for the new parent company to use them.

What's the likelihood that we'll see either of these become the actual title? We think it's not very good. Since Disney has the option to change the title, it's not hard to imagine that they would be keen to find something less generic, especially with the recent rise of the "Rise" titles.

Either way, this is definitely an interesting detail about a deal that we still know very little about, even a year after it all went down. The real question now is whether these working titles have much to do with the plot of the film. Are the Sith set to return? Will the Jedi rise?

Hopefully we will know very soon.