Daniel Radcliffe Sheds Light On 'Frankenstein' Project

Daniel Radcliffe's career after Harry Potter has been fascinating to watch for two reasons. First, his choice of roles has been unusual but well picked, and second, his strategy to legitimize himself as an adult actor really seems to be working.

One of the roles that we're especially looking forward to from Radcliffe is his part as Igor in a new version of "Frankenstein" written by "Chronicle" scribe Max Landis. Radcliffe recently sat down with Sirius XM to discuss the part, which will be more complex than other iterations of the character, and the overall idea behind the movie.

"[Landis] taken the mythologies that we all think we know — we have this idea of a monster and a crazy scientist and kind of a hunchbacked assistant — but we don't really know where all these parts came from," Radcliffe said, explaining that the new film will play with the tropes that stuck to the tale from a variety of sources, be it the original novel or the many, many movies.

"I think what Max has done with this is first of all he's given Igor a backstory which you never really see before," Radcliffe said. "And so, that’s I think one of the biggest differences is that you'll finally see him granted a life and a backstory and it's about these two young guys at the forefront of science."

"Frankenstein" is scheduled to hit theaters on October 17, 2014.

[H/T] Screen Crush