Check Out The First ‘I, Frankenstein’ Trailer – And Alternate Posters!

By Alex Zalben

The first trailer for “I, Frankenstein” has hit the Internet, and it is AMAZING. From the producers of the “Underworld” series, “I, Frankenstein” casts Aaron Eckhart as the titular monster, wandering the world before getting embroiled in what looks like a battle between demons and angels, or possibly Frankensteins and Gargoyles.

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The movie is written and directed by Stuart Beattie, based on the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux (who previously appeared in – and created – the “Underworld” series), and also stars Bill Nighy and Yvonne Strahovski.

Point being, January can’t get here soon enough. So in celebration of this momentous event, we made a few posters for the movie – and even provided a blank one, so you can make your own!

Bonus – Make your own!

“I, Frankenstein” hits theaters on January 24, 2014.