Spanish ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

By Alex Zalben

Super-sad about the end of “Breaking Bad?” Good news, then, it’s coming back! In Spanish! Really!

The Spanish language remake of “Breaking Bad” – titled “Metástasis” – was announced a few months ago, but now we finally have a look at the weird, mirror-universe version that is the final product.

First, there’s the classic shot of Walter White in his tightie-whities, except with Diego Trujillo playing Walter Blanco. (No, we’re not joking.)

Then, there’s the cast breakdown, which kind of, maybe looks like a high school play version of “Breaking Bad?”

We’re most curious about whether Jose Miguel Rosas (“Metástasis”) will say “Perra!” a lot (that’s “bitch” in Spanish, FYI), and if Cielo Blanco will get some weird plastic surgery between the first and second seasons of the show.

But easily the most surreal bit of all? The one that proves this isn’t some sort of meth induced fever dream? There’s a trailer:

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