Joss Whedon Explains The 'Avengers'-'Much Ado' Connection In Blu-ray Exclusive

The only thing more surprising than filming a movie over the course of 12 days without telling the press or anyone outside of the crew is doing so immediately filming "The Avengers."

That's what Joss Whedon did with his adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." The ultra-low-budget indie went onto become one of this year's most entertaining and well-reviewed films, but the story of how it got to the screen at all is still fascinating.

In this exclusive from the Blu-ray, which hits store shelves on October 8, Joss Whedon and his wife, Kai Cole, explain how the project came to be after principal photography ended on "The Avengers."

Check out the exclusive in the video above.

"Much Ado About Nothing" hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 8.