'Star Wars' Roundup: Saoirse Ronan Confirms She Auditioned, Says Everyone Else Has Too


This is getting a little ridiculous, right "Star Wars" fans? It's been almost a year since Lucasfilm and Disney announced plans for a new trilogy, and what do we have to show for it? A bunch of small news items about who has read for roles. The original cast members haven't been publicly announced as returning. There isn't even a title yet. Hell, when Marvel cast their main villain a year and a half out from the release date, it was just a press release on their website. No leaks, no rumors. They just announced it.

And now in an interview with Sky News, Saoirse Ronan, one of those rumored to have read for an unspecified role, confirmed that she auditioned, but she was far from the only actress to do so. She downplayed the meeting saying that "so has everyone."

Well, we have heard a ton names dropped in connection to "Episode VII," from Ryan Gosling to complete unknowns. It would seem like Ronan is telling the truth, especially considering that two more names have cropped up.

The primary source for these names has been Latino Review, the site that originally named Ronan. Most recently, they named Sullivan Stapleton, the star of "300: Rise of an Empire" as yet another actor that met with the casting department. But going off of what Ronan says, this doesn't mean much of anything.

One rung down from reading for a part is taking a lunch. That's where Daniel Day-Lewis comes into the picture. He, again according to Latino Review, dined with Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas. What does it mean? Nothing for now, but hey, what else are we going to talk about when it comes to "Star Wars"?