The Weekend Guide: 'Don Jon,' Tony Danza, And Other Dude Stuff

Don Jon

By Amelia Mularz

Because your fantasy football team can probably power on without their all-knowing couch-side coach, take some time away from the games and catch a movie. Here's what to watch:

On the Big Screen: "Don Jon"

Between a movie about porn addiction ("Don Jon"), and a flick about race cars ("Rush"), your local theater will be transformed into a massive man cave this weekend. But while both films are equally dude-friendly, we've gotta go with The Don. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a porn-obsessed juicehead, and he also wrote and directed the movie. No fool, Gordon-Levitt cast Scarlett Johansson as his leading lady. She plays a gum-poppin' Jersey girl with her own addiction to rom-coms. To play the part of his character's Italian dad, Gordon-Levitt tapped the ultimate boss, Tony Danza.

On the Boob Tube: "300"

Keeping with "Don Jon," "300" is a cornucopia of things guys love: warriors, beasts, blood, and guts. In fact, if you eat a raw egg, then do 20 pushups while watching "300," you'll probably die of a testosterone overdose. It's on tonight at 8pm on TNT.

From Your DVD Collection: "Angels in the Outfield"

What do porn and savage battle have to do with a Disney flick from the 90s? Everything. It's been nearly 20 years since JGL and Tony Danza first worked together on this movie about angels (namely Christopher Lloyd) who help a baseball team clinch the pennant. . It's a throwback to the days when Gordon-Levitt would've had to rely on scramble vision to get his porn fix.