'Star Wars': Is J.J. Abrams Considering Shoot 'Episode VII' In IMAX?


In the history of film, the "Star Wars" series has been partially defined by its cutting-edge use of technology. The original trilogy used modeling and creature effects in a way that hadn't been seen before, and the prequel trilogy featured some of the earliest full-CGI characters.

So what can we expect from the new trilogy? So many of the elements that made "Star Wars" seem like an enormous spectacle have become old hat at this point, and J.J. Abrams must be aware that part of his job is to restore the franchises sense of scale, the one that places it above competing series.

Well, a new quote, dug up by Ain't It Cool, may be a key to where "Star Wars" is going next.

An AICN reader sent in a quote from IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, reportedly addressing Goldman Sachs investors. He seemingly said that the company is meeting with Abrams and co. to see if the camera technology is right for "Episode VII."

"We are talking to J.J. Abrams test now about the next Star Wars being used with partly IMAX cameras." AICN theorizes that the "test" was a typo for "team," but the message is pretty clear regardless.

We can't say that we're totally caught off guard by a possible team-up between "Star Wars" and IMAX. Abrams dabbled with the format on "Star Trek Into Darkness," and with 3-D not the game-changer that everyone hoping that it would be, IMAX is a true incentive for all generations to pay for more expensive tickets.

While it's highly likely that "Star Wars: Episode VII" will get the post-conversion treatment for 3-D, don't be shocked if Abrams decides to shoot part of the film in the larger format.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is expected to open sometime in 2015.

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