'Gravity' Featurette Explains Why You Must See It (And Why You Will Be Terrified)

"Gravity" is just a little more than a week away from blowing the world's collective mind, so if you aren't already looking forward to the new masterpiece from Alfonso Cuaron, you better start now. Soon it won't be as cool to love "Gravity" because everyone will already be talking about it, so get on it!

A new featurette from AMC Theatres does a good job at previewing the movie without give too much away, but if you're totally spoiler-phobic, it's best to stay away from pretty much any promotional material for "Gravity." You should just find your nearest IMAX screen and see it the day that it opens.

One of the dozen or so revolutionary things that "Gravity" does is find an actual purpose for 3-D. It's not overdone. When Cuaron does use it, he does so in a meaningful way that communicates space. A wrench will fly just out of someone's grasp or space debris will cloud their area. It's enough to make you forget how much you hate 3-D.

"Gravity" opens on October 4.