Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels Get Back Into Character For 'Dumb And Dumber To'

Dumb and Dumber

We can finally rest assured that Harry and Lloyd will reunite for "Dumb and Dumber To." It was "stop and go" for a while there, but Jim Carrey and recent Emmy-winner Jeff Daniels are set to return for the sequel. And production looks to have kicked off already.

Both Carrey and Daniels tweeted out photos of themselves in full costume today, and the world's fans of the 90s comedy collectively let out a cry of joy and relief.

Click past the jump to see the photos and hear what Daniels had to say about how the sequel compares to the original!

At the Emmy, E! caught up with Daniels, who spoke briefly about what fans of the original "Dumb and Dumber" can expect from the sequel.

"The scariest thing? There are some things we're going to do in 'Dumb and Dumber To' that make the toilet scene seem lame," he said. "Pales in comparison and I can't divulge what, but just that they've topped it. Best thing about it? I get to work with a comedic genius."

"Dumb and Dumber To" has yet to set a release date, but expect to see it sometime next year.