Latest 'Star Wars' Rumors Target Two Of 2013's Breakouts

Michael B Jordan

We have now reached critical mass for "Star Wars" rumors. It was only two days ago that Latino Review posted a story that claimed Saoirse Ronan is in the running for an undisclosed role and that Benedict Cumberbatc — despite numerous denials — is certainly in "Episodes VII, VIII and IX."

Well, Latino Review is back with two more actors to add to the list of individuals who have either read for roles or taken meetings with J.J. Abrams.

According to the site, David Oyelowo of "The Butler" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and Michael B. Jordan from "Fruitvale Station" and "Friday Night Lights" are now being considered for the film.

Latino Review also specified the terms of each actor's involvement. Oyelowo reportedly read for a part, while Jordan met with Abrams himself.

It's worth reminding you again that all of these stories about readings and meets should be taken with a good amount of skepticism. Even if the reports from Latino Review are 100 percent accurate, meeting and reading don't amount to much in Hollywood. If a reading meant that someone was automatically casting in a movie, there wouldn't be any waiters in Los Angeles.

So for now, just keep this info in the back of your mind and enjoy the image of Michael B. Jordan giving a piggy back ride to Yoda.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.

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