Ron Howard Needed 'Rush' Races To Be Visceral, Intense And Meaningful

Among the many raves that "Rush" has already received, the look of the actual races is one of the elements complimented the most about the new Ron Howard film.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with Howard to hear how he brought the world of 1970s Formula One racing to the big screen.

"It did have the advantage of being a true story and a surprising one," he said. "It's not narrative that unfolds more or less like you'd expected any good sports movie to unfold. It's just different from that. I thought that was our clue in terms of the racing."

For the mood of the races, Howard approached them not unlike how Martin Scorsese filmed the boxes matches in "Raging Bull."

"I thought, 'Get it visceral. Make it intense and obviously recreate the speed, the sound, the feel of it. Do something that demanded to be seen on the big screen.' But I wanted to use the psychology of the characters to differentiate all of the races, and I thought that would create more suspense and tension," Howard said. "And also, the races and the character development wouldn't be separated. It would all be one in the same thing."

"Rush" opens in limited release today.