'Star Wars': Saoirse Ronan And Benedict Cumberbatch (Again) Rumored For 'Episode VII'

It's been a few days since a "Star Wars" rumor, right? So it's probably time for another "Star Wars" rumor.


Oh, look at that. Latino-Review, as if on command, has delivered another anonymously sourced tidbit from the J.J. Abrams production. This time there are two news pieces of info and an update on an older scoop.

Let's start with the older news first. Latino-Review is doubling down on its claim that Benedict Cumberbatch is making the same jump from "Trek" to "Wars" that his director has. Not only does Latino-Review claim that Cumberbatch will be in "Episode VII," but they go as far as to guarantee expanded roles in "Episodes VIII and IX."

So there's that, which should be treated as a rumor until we get confirmation from Lucasfilm, but it's worth noting that of the rumors about "Episode VII," the Cumberbatch thing has been the one that's stuck around the longest.

In non-Cumberbatch news, Saoirse Ronan is the latest actress said to have read for the film. Unlike the actresses previously named by the site, the role Ronan supposedly read for is still unknown. If it happened, it may have been for Leia's daughter, but there's no way of knowing.

There is another possibility, however. Latino-Review also claims that "Episode VII" will cast a female as a villain for the first time in the series. The site could only speculate that that's a possibility for Ronan, but a lot of things remain unseen.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is expected to open in 2015.