Aaron Paul Is Going Straight In New 'Need For Speed' Photos

Need for Speed

Next year already has a ton of movies that we're looking forward to, but "Need for Speed" holds a special spot on our most-anticipated list for a number of reasons. The first has to be Aaron Paul, making his jump to big-budget films soon after the ending of "Breaking Bad." We're also always hoping for a video game-based movie that isn't horrible.

And what we've seen so far from "Need for Speed" is shaping up nicely. While we can't tell too much from these new images (via EW), they do remind us that there is a very solid cast.

"Need for Speed" is an adaptation of the popular racing game, and it stars Paul, "50 Shades of Grey" lead Dakota Johnson, Dominic Cooper, Kid Cudi, and Michael Keaton. You can see some of these people in the two new images from EW below!



"Need for Speed" opens in theaters on March 14, 2014.