The Millennium Falcon And Four Other Things That Are Obviously In 'Episode VII'

Star Wars

It's kind of amazing, what people consider news about "Star Wars: Episode VII" these days. Yesterday, apparently starved for info from that galaxy far, far away, many outlets picked up a Hollywood Reporter story that said Abrams is converting some of his Bad Robot headquarters into production space, complete with green room and sound studio.

When Latino-Review picked up the story, they added that a source from the London set says that the interiors of the Millennium Falcon have already been build there.

Of course there's a set for the Millennium Falcon. Granted, it's early, but an appearance from the series' most iconic ship was guaranteed when Lucasfilm decided to make a sequel trilogy. As long as we're naming things that will definitely be in "Episode VII," here are four more that you can count on seeing.


There is nothing that George Lucas loves more than lightsabers. They were pretty much all the prequels were good for, but don't expect anything in "Episode VII" on par with the lightsaber fest that was "Attack of the Clones." Remember that when we last left the universe, Luke was the only Jedi in it. We'll assume that there are more now, but he's only one Jedi. How many padawans (and lightsabers) could there be?

C-3PO and R2-D2

There hasn't been a "Star Wars" movie without them yet. Hell, they even made it into "The Phantom Menace" via some ridiculous contrivances. Also, robots won't die as long as they're maintained. They're guaranteed to be there the next time around.


Where there are lightsabers, there are lightsaber fights, so unless there is some serious beef among the new Jedi, the only explanation for clashing blades is the Sith. How this will ever happen after the downfall of the Emperor is for Michael Arndt to decide.


The two-moon desert planet is the most recognizable location in the "Star Wars" universe. It appeared in every prequel movie, so don't be surprised if you find yourself there again, hearing the cry of the Tusken Raiders