'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Preview The Movie Secretly Shot At Disneyland

At this January's Sundance Film Festival, those heading to the fest with a close eye on the schedule noted one movie in particular that they would have to check out in Park City, Utah because there may not be a chance to ever see it again.

"Escape From Tomorrow," a horror fantsy shot guerilla-style in Disneyland and Disney World, might have never seen the light of day outside Sundance. It was simply too twisted and involved way too much of the beloved family vacation destinations to ever avoid the myriad of lawsuits that would keep a film from seeing distribution.

Well, after reportedly editing the movie only slightly, director Randy Moore's bizarre creation will get a limited release in theaters and on VOD on October 11, and there's now a trailer (via The Film Stage) for you to preview the madness.