'Twilight' Director Creates Another Love Triangle In Trailer For New Movie


For her follow-up to the first "Twilight" movie, director Catherine Hardwicke didn't stray too far from the paranormal romance genre with "Red Riding Hood." Since that movie was — let's call it — less than successful, it comes as no surprising that Hardwicke is going in a different direction for her next movie. But she's hanging onto the love triangle.

"Plush," her new film starring Emily Browning and "Twilight" baddie Cam Gigandet, just debuted its first trailer, giving us a look at Hardwicke's twisted take on the world of rock and roll.

In the film, which hits theaters this week and debuts on DVD next month, Browning plays a rocker that faces the challenges of producing another hit. Things get even more complicated when she hires a sexy new guitarist and begins to get mysterious packages from an apparently obsessed fan.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

"Plush" opens in theaters on September 13 and hits DVD on October 15.