'Breaking Bad' Complete Series Blu-ray Will Blow Your Face Off

Breaking Bad

You're still reeling from the finale of this week's "Breaking Bad." If you didn't watch it because of a job, homework, or a significant other, forget about all of that. Watch it now. It's easy to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Now that you've gotten that out of the way (and congratulations on being newly single and jobless!), there's some even more good news.

The complete series Blu-ray set for "Breaking Bad" debuted last night on "Talking Bad," and suffice it to say that the thing is a must-own for any hardcore fan. It comes in a black money barrel for Flynn's sake!

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In addition to including every episode of the series, the real kicker here is a brand new two-hour documentary that chronicles the making of the final season, including the very first table read and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's first read-through of the final script. Just imagine the emotions!

Plus, all of this can be watched while wearing your very own Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Now you can live the fantasy and start your own fried chicken joint that is actually a money laundering front for you methamphetamine empire!

The set also includes the Blu-ray for the final season, the details of which have also just been revealed. That collection will include an alternate ending to the finale, Walter's "confession," and a gag reel!

Needless to say, this is a serious collection, so mark your calendars for November 26, when "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" hits Blu-ray.