The Weekend Plan: "Salinger," A Lifetime Thriller, And Dead Babysitters


By Amelia Mularz

Because the "50 Shades of Grey" stars were announced this week and sadly you didn't get the part, we've got a few movies to distract you this weekend:

On the Big Screen: "Salinger"

Shane Salerno's new documentary, which opens today, is filled with all the fun facts that your high school English teacher didn't tell you about J.D. Salinger. For example, the "Catcher in the Rye" writer had a thing for young ladies, didn't really enjoy sex, and likely had just one testicle. The movie divulges all kinds of secrets from the life of a guy who made being a recluse cool way before Lauryn Hill and mid-2000s Dave Chappelle.

On the Boob Tube: "A Sister's Nightmare"

Get ready for a "Gossip Girl" reunion! Nope, it's not Chuck and Blair or Serena and Lonely Boy. It's Rufus, the hipster dad with a knack for making waffles, and Lily, the perpetually somber multimillionaire matriarch. Their real-life counterparts costar in a Lifetime Original Movie that premieres Saturday at 8pm. In "A Sister's Nightmare," Jane (Kelly Rutherford) gets a visit from her estranged older sister who has just been released from the loony bin after 16 years. What could possibly go wrong?

From Your DVD Collection: "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. But if you want to see what a real runway show looks like, dig up an old copy of "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead." With her slinky pink nurse's getup, a Clown Dog uniform, and what looks like a jester/chef/mad hatter ensemble, Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) was clearly a designer ahead of her time.