Channing Tatum Actually Looks Like Himself In New 'Foxcatcher' Photos


"Foxcatcher," a true-life story starring Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum, has only just begun to come into view, after getting set with Sony Classic Pictures and nailing down its December 20 release date, and now there are two more pictures featuring a nearly unrecognizable cast.

Both Carell and Ruffalo are ugging it up for "Foxcatcher," which is already earning some early Oscar buzz thanks to its director, Bennett Miller, who previously made "Capote" and "Moneyball." The former "Office" funny man has had the most work done. As you can see in the new photos, Carell is wearing a prosthetic nose.


Ruffalo gets off a little easier with a little weight and a new receding hairline.

"Foxcatcher" tells the story of brothers, Mark and Dave Schultz, who also happen to be Olympic wrestlers, and the wealthy paranoid schizophrenic that leads them down a tragic road.

"Foxcatcher" opens on December 20.