New 'Curse of Chucky' Clip Wants to Play


Here's a brief clip from the upcoming "Curse of Chucky," which is set to premiere via VOD on September 24. The killer doll terrorizes a broken family, determined to settle a score and inflict murder and mayhem. Series creator Don Mancini returns to the story, which finds cult icon Brad Dourif back in the voice role of the lunatic plaything. Is it just us, or is Chucky's makeover more terrifying than ever?

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'Poltergeist' Remake Casts 'The Following' Actor

The Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert-produced remake of "Poltergeist," starring Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt as the couple who contends with angry spirits in the burbs, has cast Kyle Catlett of "The Following" (Joey Matthews) in the reboot. Fingers crossed for a reenactment of the scene in which the son practically wets himself when his creepy clown puppet gives him the stink eye.

New 'Carrie' Featurette Messes with Your Mind

The new "Carrie" featurette offers a closer look at the story of a teen with telekinetic powers who is tormented by her classmates. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as the shy student whose strict upbringing, thanks to her uber religious mother (Julianne Moore), has made her an awkward outcast. Moretz tells us the film "messes with your mind" in this clip spotted on Dread Central. Crazy mind powers and horrific high school happenings. Sounds like a fine endorsement, right?

Poster for 'Patrick' Remake is Heart-Stopping

We're digging the new poster for the remake of Aussie fright flick "Patrick" — Richard Franklin's 1978 film. Simple, but chilling. The new film is directed by Mark Hartley and stars Jackson Gallagher as the comatose killer who becomes obsessed with the nurse (Peta Sergeant) caring for him. Quentin Tarantino was a fan of the original film. Would QT approve of the remake based on what we know so far?

J.T. Petty's 'Hellbenders' Arriving in Time for Halloween

It looks like J.T. Petty's "Hellbenders" is finally getting a release. We've been craving some new Clancy Brown, so the timing couldn't be more perfect. "The Burrowers'" director set his new story around the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints, known as Hellbenders — a group of rude, crude ministers who live in a constant state of debauchery in order to drag demons back to hell. The film will arrive on VOD and in theaters on October 18, just in time for the Halloween season.