Justin Timberlake Fights Batman In New 'Runner Runner' Trailer

The recent casting of Ben Affleck in "Batman Vs. Superman" has turned the trailers for "Runner Runner," a seemingly standard crime drama with pop star-turned-actually-good-actor Justin Timberlake, into bizarrely fun watches, where you get to pretend that JT is squaring off against a corrupt Bruce Wayne.

Our own day dreams aside, the new preview for "Runner Runner," which comes to us from the director of "The Lincoln Lawyer" and the writer of "Rounders," gives a better idea of the mess that Timberlake's online gambler Richie Furst finds himself in.

After losing a huge online poker game that he thinks was rigged, Richie travels to the Caribbean to find the man who he believes wronged him. That's when he finds Ivan Block (Affleck), a dangerous gambling boss that enlists and then ensnares Richie in his scheme.

Click past the jump to see the latest trailer for "Runner Runner."

"Runner Runner" opens in theaters on October 4.