'Star Wars': Please Let Benedict Cumberbatch Be In 'Episode VII'

We have reached what is likely the peak of "Star Wars: Episode VII" rumors. Or at least, we hope that's the case. For the past few weeks, new casting rumors have cropped up every couple days. Just last week, we were talking about Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer (please, no), and there was the Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling talk before that. But finally, we have hit something that sounds both likely and a totally amazing idea.

According to a number of outlets, the latest "Star Wars: Episode VII" casting rumor names Benedict Cumberbatch as a potential cast member.

It makes sense, right? Cumberbatch is a hot ticket right now, partly thanks to his work with J.J. Abrams on "Star Trek Into Darkness." You might not have been a huge fan of Khan showing up in that sequel, but it's pretty hard to argue that Cumberbatch was anything but stellar reprising one of the most iconic characters in all of science fiction.

Then there is the pre-existing relationship with Abrams, a factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to a director who likes to cast his friends in stuff.

But then there's the most straightforward argument of them all: Benedict Cumberbatch is just an incredible actor. The prequel trilogy cast certainly had some talent. A film with Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Sam Jackson, and Liam Neeson would be lauded for its roster, if it was anything but "The Phantom Menace."

One of the clearest ways to cut the ties to the past for jaded older fans would be to stack "Episode VII" with some prestige acting talent right out of the gate, someone who will take it seriously but always with an air of fun.

Someone like Benedict Cumberbatch.