The Weekend Plan: The Lifeguard, RGIII, and Necessary Roughness

By Amelia Mularz

Because the shock of Miley Cyrus's twerk fest at the VMA's has just worn off (five days later), we'd like to give you something else to feast your eyes on. Check out movie picks for this weekend:

On the Big Screen: "The Lifeguard"

On the verge of hitting the big 3-0, Leigh (Kristin Bell) ditches her adult life in NYC and heads back to her childhood home in the 'burbs, as well as her old high school lifeguarding job. For those of us who feel a tightening in the gut each time a friend uses the words "hubby," "staycation" or the letters I-R-A, there's something undeniably appealing about regression.

But while some reviewers have deemed a life crisis at 29 totally absurd, and others have called Bell's character a "massively unsavory brat," we get it. Thank god for 2011's "Young Adult" and even 2003's "Old School," in which Luke Wilson and crew regress back to college rather than high school. Because whether you're 29 or 59 and your boss looks you in the eye and tells you to "circle back," the urge to tear off your blazer and sensible Clarks loafers and drown your sorrows in a youth-sized vat of jungle juice feels exactly the same.

On the Boob Tube: "RGIII: The Will to Win"

Now if you're Robert Griffin III, the superstar quarterback for the Washington Redskins, you're probably pretty cool with being an adult. This week a documentary about RGIII and his road to recovery after last season's knee injury, plus plenty of personal off-season moments, premieres on ESPN. If you didn't catch its first showing on Tuesday, you can catch it on Saturday afternoon at 2pm on ABC. The movie has its own theme song from rapper Wale, plus some pretty legit beatboxing from RGIII himself. How can you not root for a guy who admits to crying during movies and loves nothing more than a quesadilla casserole?

From Your DVD Collection: "Necessary Roughness"

If "The Lifeguard" and the RGIII documentary got together and had a baby, they might name it Necessary Roughness. In the 1991 flick, Scott Bakula plays a former high school football star who heads back to school at the tender age of 34 to play college ball for the Texas State Fightin' Armadillos. There's no doubt that Bakula, along with Sinbad, Rob Schneider and Jason Bateman, will get you totally pumped about football season.