'Transformers' Blows Up Chicago Again In On-Set Video

Transformers 4

Didn't the Windy City go through enough the last time that Michael Bay and his crew of transforming robots visited? Apparently not, because the currently untitled fourth "Transformers" movie has once again set up shot in Chicago, and they seem dead-set on blowing the place to hell again.

As we can see in a new on-set video (via ComingSoon), Bay wasted no time blowing up even more of Chicago, but he has once again brought a mean grew of Autobots — and possibly Dinobots — to help defend the city from whatever forces are attacking.

They're not featured here, but paparazzi photos from the set earlier this week snapped a shot of hat worn by one of the crew member that appears to confirm the long-rumored Dinobot appearance. A new "Transformers" logo is shown on the hat and is ripped up by what looks like claw marks. Interesting!

Check out the set videos after the jump!