'Star Wars: Episode VII': Two More Actors Rumored For Roles

Star Wars

Here's another "Star Wars" rumor to throw onto the heap.

Latino Review, who reported most recently that both Emperor Palpatine and young Obi-Wan Kenobi would return as Force ghosts — a big eff-you to Alec Guinness, right? — has posted the names of two actors who have met or will meet producers for roles.

Now, before we even get into any of this, a warning. Lots of actors meet with producers for roles in potential blockbusters, and "Star Wars: Episode VII" is sure to not be any different. In fact, it would be a smart bet that J.J. Abrams and company are being even more cautious with the sequel because they know that a lot is riding on this movie not sucking. Once you compound that with the rumors' source, you get the idea. Grain of salt.

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Now, according to Latino Review, Rachel Hurd-Wood, best known for her first-ever acting role as Wendy in "Peter Pan," has read for the role of Princess Leia and Han Solo's daughter. The 23-year-old actress has worked on and off since "Peter Pan," but she's failed to make it happen in a big way.

The other name mentioned by Latino Review has had plenty of opportunities to make and yet, has just stayed out of that upper tier. Alex Pettyfer is said to be meeting with producers soon in an unspecified role.

While it's interesting to hear names named, perhaps the most interesting information from Latino Reviews comes at the end of the article. Sources told the site that major casting news is on the way, and it's expected to hit soon.

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