'We Are What We Are' Trailer: The Nicest Looking Cannibal Movie Ever?

For horror fans, if a movie in their preferred genre comes out of both Cannes and Sundance with positive reviews, it's certainly worth paying attention to. That was the case with Jim Mickle's "We Are What We Are," and now we're starting to see what the critics were talking about.

"We Are What We Are" is a remake of a 2010 Mexico film of the same title. It tells the story of the Parker family, who after their mother passes away from a rare disease, turns to the eldest daughter to carry on the traditions.

Unfortunately, those traditions include the slaughter and preparation of a human being as food.

What sets "We Are What We Are" apart, even visible in a short trailer (via IGN), is the look and atmosphere of the film, which appears to be more contemplative and polished than you would expect from a cannibal movie.

"We Are What We Are" opens in limited release on September 27.