Kevin Smith's Next Movie Could Come Together Very Quickly

If you've been following that latest works of Kevin Smith, you know that he recently finished the script for "Clerks 3," but he is now waiting for the green light on that project. As he told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, that holding pattern doesn't agree with him and his work flow. That's why he decided to do something big with the waiting period.

"So I'm back in this weird period where I've hurried up, like 'Oh my God. It's all there. It's right there.' And you submit it, and now you have to wait there for somebody to say 'yes' or 'no,' " Smith told us. "I'm back to a gatekeeper place, which I can't stand, so rather than sit there and stare at the phone and wait for it to ring. I decided to start writing something else. I started writing this movie called 'Tusk.' "

"Tusk" began its life as a post of Gumtree, a UK-based Craigslist of sorts that finds people housing. A listening on the site went viral and wowed Smith, who recalled the post for us.

"There was a guy who put up this posting, who was like 'I've lived a very interesting life, and now I have this big house to myself. I once was lost at sea for a long time with a walrus as my only friend and companion. I was heartbroken to leave that island. Anyway, I don't want to live alone in my remaining years, so I offer you a room with a situation, a run of the house except my room and my workshop. The only I ask in exchange is I for some time have been constructing a realistic walrus costume.'"

What Smith heard was, in his mind, the beginning of a horror movie, in the style of Hammer, where a man keeps another captive and turns him into a walrus. "So rather than sit around waiting for the phone call about 'Clerks 3,' I said I'll busy myself and just start writing it," Smith said. "It took me last than two weeks, and it is bizarre. It's now stands right beside 'Red State' in this 'men captured' genre."

Smith is looking to make "Walrus" happen very soon for a small amount of money in hopes of proving that an idea can become a film in six months.